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Welcome to my blog!


I moved to San Miguel de Allende (SMA) Mexico, mid-November 2020, after being laid off the previous September from a job that drained me physically and mentally. I can honestly say now that losing my job was a blessing in disguise, and the opportunity it gave me to make a trip back to SMA during that period changed the course of my life.


I had visited SMA twice before, several years ago, but this time a chance meeting with a boutique owner caused me to re-evaluate my present situation and my priorities and goals for the latter part of my life. She asked me a thought-provoking question when I told her about my plan to wait until my full retirement age before I made a move: "Is it really worth putting your life on hold for an extra

$600 a month?"

Instantly I flashed on life back in Silicon Valley and how tough it is to make ends meet for many couples and families, let alone singles. "Heck yeah, it is," I thought to myself. In the U.S. an extra $600 a month can make a big difference.

But maybe I would be able to forego that amount each month in Mexico. When I returned to the U.S., I scheduled a meeting with my financial advisor to see if it would be feasible to move, given the amount of money I had in retirement savings. 

With a pared-down wardrobe, some favorite items I didn't want to part with, and my dog Jack, I arrived in SMA ready to embark on my "new" life. During my first two weeks, while I looked for a long-term rental, I spent a lot of time wandering, getting reacquainted with the city.

One afternoon after a walk, I got back to my casita, distracted by thoughts of all the new sights I had taken in. Only at the last minute, as I reached for the gate, did I see the large grasshopper waiting to greet me (I'm used to small ones!). I was enchanted that he would find me so quickly and saw this as a wonderful omen since, in many parts of the world, grasshoppers are considered to be good luck. I chose to see this as a sign that SMA was exactly where I was supposed to be.

Due to the pandemic, SMA is experiencing restrictions and new protocols, much like the rest of the world. But it is still charming and alive with vibrant colors, interesting art, and friendly people.

I love to hear the church bells, especially in the evening when they alert me that it is time to take the last walk of the day with Jack. While we meander down the narrow streets to nearby San Antonio Church plaza, the aroma of traditional Mexican food wafts through open doors as evening meals are being prepared. And I smile because Mexican food is my favorite food. Those who know me well know, that if we are going out to dinner and I am asked to choose, I will always choose a restaurant that serves Mexican food.

I am grateful everyday that I am able to realize my dream to live in another country, and that I have the opportunity to experience the Mexican culture more intimately. 

This is an interesting time for people with wanderlust. I've landed in a good spot. The pandemic means that I am not looking further than SMA for the time being. And that means I can spend my time walking throughout the city, discovering intriguing steps and alleys, dusty roads and beautiful cobblestone streets, wall murals and art galleries filled with works by local, as well as expat artists. 

Eventually I'd like to see more of Mexico and visit several countries in Central and South America too. And I still plan to return to Europe, and I would love to spend more time in Iceland. So much to see, so much left to discover......In the meantime, I hope you'll come along for the ride as I share some of my experiences in SMA through my posts and photographs. 

All the best in this adventure called life,


Lifestyle blog - Mexico
Lifestyle blog - Mexico
Lifestyle blog - Mexico
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