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Vibrant colors will charm and inspire

Straw hats

I love all the color in SMA. It's the first thing that drew me to the city. Everything from the buildings, the murals, the celebratory flags and ribbons strung across streets and adorning doorways and windows, and the cornucopia of brightly-colored foods, candies, textiles, jewelry, and decorative objects in the markets - all fill me with a desire to create. And then there is the crowning jewel, the pink stone Parroquia that anchors the Jardin, the main square in town, which looks like it has been lifted out of a fairy tale.

The beautiful pink Parroquia. View from the Jardin in the center of town.

View from Mara Sky Lounge.

Sky blue with magenta bougainvillea and the pop of red geraniums, one of my other favorite


The flowers are so nice against the texture of the upper wall. I can imagine this as a painting.

Every neighborhood should have one pink door.......

and a purple house.

You get both pink and purple when you stay at this hotel.

How about orange?

This should wake you up in the morning!

Mi Bistro 300. The day I tried to eat here, they were closed. It's still on my list.

Dulce Catrina. They sell traditional Mexican candies and handicrafts, and my favorite brand of Mexican hot chocolate.

Antigua LLamas, arte mexico, around the corner from my house. I found the display to be visually interesting. When I first arrived, a hat rack was on my list of things to buy for my house. I found one here!

Part of the ceiling mural in the Biblioteca.

I love this photo, wires and all.

My favorite windowsill in SMA.

Here's an idea to dress up an old door!

I'm not sure what it means, but its soothing to look at.

A sign of the times.

Peace in every step.

“Color is the place where our brain and the universe meet.” ~ Paul Klee

“Life is a blank canvas, and you need to throw all the paint on it you can.” ~ Danny Kaye


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